Litigation Support: case studies

garden tractor

◼︎ Garden tractor operation

An investigation determined a child’s perception of, and his response to a proposed audible warning device attached to an operating, commercial garden tractor.


◼︎ Assembly/disassembly of construction equipment

Accident analyses of the assembly/disassembly of boom cranes lead to human factors considerations of task sequencing, which in turn brought about changes to assembly/disassembly tools and procedures.



◼︎ Product safety-label context

Research was conducted to determine the degree to which operators comply with safety label instructions as a function of the environmental context in which those labels were presented.


◼︎ High-voltage proximity warning devices

The effectiveness of high-voltage proximity warning devices to prevent contact of crane booms with overhead power lines was evaluated varying false alarm frequency.


 ◼︎ Warning signals indicating machinery activation

To establish a benchmark for adequate warning periods, a study determined the optimum range of delay between a warning signal and the subsequent activation of nearby machinery.

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